12 September 2014 | The message by Stefano D’Anna

“Al mio Lettore sconosciuto. Goditi la lettura e applica i princìpi del Dreamer alla tua vita.” Stefano D’Anna Questo il messaggio che Stefano D’Anna ci ha donato prima di scegliere di uscire dal Tempo e seguirci da un’altra dimensione. Grazie Prof. per averci insegnato a Sognare, a fare della nostra vita un capolavoro. Eternamente riconoscenti, con amore, porteremo avanti il …


12-13 June 2014 | The Future of Education, Florence

The fourth edition of The Future of Education aims at promoting transnational cooperation and sharing good practice in the field of innovation for Education. The conference has been an excellent opportunity to present past and current educational projects. Francesca Del Nero invitata a partecipare all’evento Future of Education ha presentato i programmi di School for Dreamers. Watch the photos


12 March 2014 | SfD at Rome MUN (

Francesca Del Nero will greet students on behalf of the School for Dreamers and invite them to the Dream corner at Luiss University on March 14-15-16-17 to welcome candidates for the Training for Dreamers program. Stefano D’Anna will give a speech at the closing ceremony on March 17 th at the FAO headquarters at 12.45. Conference program:


16 February 2014 | Seminar Get rid from fear and negative emotions

The work on fear has been intense, was tackled from every possible angle. Getting together is every time a great enrichment. The book The School for Gods always at the center, the field of continuous study and investigation. A heartfelt thanks to all participants, both Italian and foreigners, historic friends and new friends who have joined the counters of the …


10 December 2013 | Integrity Seminars Trilogy (6-8 December 2013)

These appointments, meeting friends and this “work” together at home is what I had really dreamed. It was great to deal with the issue of the limits and obstacles, analyze them far and wide, bringing them to consciousness, which is responsible then through the individual work to abandon them. I thank all the participants and the many guests present for …


August 12th, 2013 | DFW Leadership program (August 2-10, 2013)

Another edition of the DFW Leadership program has just ended. Wonderful young people who have requested access to this path: Freedom from negative emotions, freedom from time, freedom from internal division. A unique journey, created to get rid symbolically from 3 protons in excess for the transition from a lead humanity to a golden humanity. The dream of a humanity …


July 27th, 2013 | DFW Junior Leadership program (July 13-21, 2013)

We have just completed the DFW Junior Leadership Program with young aged 15 to 18, really wonderful. Their ability to question themselves, their openness, willingness to listen! What a blessing! That abundance of joy, of talent! Let us all rejoice! We all have to learn from them, from their young lives. Return to ourselves when everything inside of us was …


April 8th, 2013 | Vitality Seminar (April 4-7)

It has been an extraordinary experience. Wonderful people arrived from all part of Italy and then by Belgium, France, Germany, the Principality of Monaco. Until a moment before they knew nothing about the existence of each other. They have joined, they found themselves, they felt “at home”. A special atmosphere grown spontaneously, full of energy, a high vibration, renewed, where …