coach_alati Marco Nunzio Alati – Graduated in Industrial Biotechnology and took part in international research projects, including Canada and Spain before he became an accelerator of personal evolution. He is a certified PNL coach, Reconnection and Reconnective healing facilitator and is currently a Reconnection mentor in training. For the School for Dreamers he’s taken up the role of dream coach and product manager.
coach_barbieri Silvia Barbieri – Theatre and communication trainer for teachers, parents and cultural workers. She directed major popular theatrical events, wrote and presented television programs for children and has experience in film and the dubbing of short films. She became specialized in theatre and theatre workshops dedicated to and for children and young adults. Her attention to theatre pedagogy lead to the building of significant paths of social theatre.
Emanuela Carletto Emanuela Carletto – Management consultant and trainer, she organizes team buildings in interpersonal communication. As master trainer certified in CSEN she also offers trainings in body and mind wellbeing through her own project Gliality.
Aaron Craig Aaron Craig – Actor, theater teacher and movie director.
coach_francescadelnero Francesca Del Nero – Director of the School for Dreamers and is the founding managing director of the publishing house Efdien Consulting. Graduate in law, banking marketing and mother of three daughters she worked as a manager in the financial industry and corporate world for many years and so fully understands the dynamics and challenges that characterise this field.  She left GE Capital in 2010 to lead a team of enthusiastic people around a project with the aim to spread a message of renewal of the individual for a new economic social reality and has been a consultant at GE Capital Interbanca management for their Health Ahead program.
Giorgio Fabbri Giorgio Fabbri – Adjunct professor, musician, orchestra conductor and holistic trainer. Through the technique of Quantum Energy Music he can convey to people the extraordinary energy of music, of all kinds and of all times, with the aim to increase exponentially the potential, expressed in terms of capacity, resources and energy and so foster personal and professional development, health, success and abundance.
coach_tom Tom Meyers – Public speaker on health matters, stress-coach for body & mind, osteopath, radio personality and upcoming author. He developed and gives workshops on the body-mind approach ‘Reaset Body Coaching’ based on the sacred geometric principle and force of manifestation, the toroid. His mission is to be an initiator of stability in times of change and contributor of thought to your health and well-being.
coach_toni Toni Mischitelli – Tutor for the awakening of Dream. He is graduated in international economics and has a master in marketing and advertising.  He studied and practiced in campus and companies in America and  is an International RYT 200 certified teacher of yoga and meditation and expert in natural nutrition, raw food, superfoods and detox programs. He has developed and teaches a new kind of interpersonal meditation designed to reconnect people to their dream and to live more authentically. Over the last 20 years he has entirely devoted his life to complete the so ‘called “journey of awakening”.
coach_darioossola Dario Ossola – Sfera Coach, certified teacher of Theta Healing and derma reflexology. He is certified and recognized by ASI / CONI and has many years of experience in the application of the Five Biological Laws.
coach_vega Vega Roze – Inspired writer, well established blogger and sophisticated musician. Her posts with words of wisdom and truth are inspiring, and have a great following. These aspects reflect her life and the role that she occupies in School for Dreamers. A dream defender is probably the most appropriate way to describe Vega Roze.
coach_salamone Anna Salamone – Clinical psychologist specialized in: neuropsychology, psychosomatic medicine, psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology; Master in Posturology; pupil of Jack Painter for training in Postural Integration, Cranio-Sacral therapist Upledger method; She is teacher for various training organizations.
coach_rita Rita Valente – Rita Valente Picardi is a creative spirit, designer, translator of emotions and writer. She was the chief editor of Stefano D’Anna and is a deep inquirer of the Ways of Being and has become an advisor for the School for Dreamers. |